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BPFE Series

Flextemp ergonomic button plugs with flush type heads

Designed primarily to plug holes in sheet metal, these plugs are normally installed manually. Taking this into consideration, Caplugs manufactured the button plug in flexible Thermoplastic Rubber. Not only easier to handle, it makes installation and removal quick and easy. The BPFE offers greater versatility because the pliable nature of the material allows one size plug to fit a variety oif different sized holes.

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SizeHole SizeMetal ThicknessABCCarton QtyMini Pak Qty
BPFE-15MM14.50 16.00.80 2.007.82618.350001000
BPFE-17MM15.20 18.00.80 2.007.82820.350001000
BPFE-19MM18.50 20.00.80 2.007.730.222.550001000
BPFE-21MM20.50 22.00.80 2.007.83224.350001000
BPFE-23MM22.50 24.00.80 2.007.83426.450001000
BPFE-25MM24.50 26.00.80 2.007.5352850001000
BPFE-27MM26.50 28.00.80 2.007.83830.325001000
BPFE-29MM28.50 30.00.80 2.007.84032.32500500
BPFE-31MM30.50 32.00.80 2.007.84234.32500500
BPFE-33MM32.50 34.00.80 2.007.84436.32500500
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