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DC Series

HPDE threaded caps for high spec fittings

DC caps, designed for use in aircraft and hydraulic equipment applications, seal out contaminants while protecting threads. The rolled threads allow the the DC caps to be pushed or threaded on. Threads meet UN and UNS specifications.
Applicable spec: MIL-8779-ANSI B1.1

MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene
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SizeTo Fit Tube SizeTo Fit Thread SizeCCarton QtyMini Pak Qty
DC 33/163/8285.08100002000
DC 41/47/16246.1100002000
DC 55/161/2246.1100002000
DC 63/89/16206.665001300
DC 81/223/32206.8675001500
DC 105/827/32188.6450001000
DC 123/41169.653500700
DC 147/81-1/81610.163000600
DC 1611-1/41410.922000400
DC 201-1/41-33/641410.921500300
DC 21S1-1/41-37/641410.921500300
DC 241-1/21-25/321412.71000200
DC 25S1-1/21-27/321412.71000200
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