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RPO Series

HPDE threaded high spec plugs for straight ports

RPO plugs provide a positive dual seal on SAE straight-threaded ports. An integral O-ring type bead seats into the bevel of the threaded opening to prevent oil or fuel leakage. A lip on the flange compresses against the surface to keep contaminants from the spot face. Slotted 12-point head for screwdriver, socket or spanner tightening.

MaterialHigh Density Polyethylene
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SizeTo Plug Thread Size InchesABC12-Point Socket Size DCarton QtyMini Pak Qty
RPO-104 7/16208.646.616.76 3/880001000
RPO-104-24 7/16248.646.616.76 3/880001000
RPO-105 1/2208.647.6218.54 7/1660001000
RPO-106 9/16189.147.6220.32 1/260001000
RPO-108 3/41610.417.8725.91 11/163000600
RPO-110 7/81413.467.8729.4713/162000400
RPO-1161-5/161215.498.3844.2 1-1/41000200
RPO-1201-5/81215.498.3855.12 1-9/16700140
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