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PIP-TAB Series

LDPE push in plugs with tab for threaded fittings

MaterialLow Density Polyethylene
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Dimensions are shown in millimeters click here to convert to inches
SizeTo Fit SAE Thread Size InchesTo Fit NPT Thread Size InchesABCCarton QtyMini Pak Qty
PIP-3/8 TAB3/8 1/
PIP-7/16 TAB7/16---9.46.8616.2650001000
PIP-1/2 TAB1/21/411.286.8618.2950001000
PIP-9/16 TAB9/16---12.77.3720.5750001000
PIP-5/8 TAB5/83/814.177.3724.3850001000
PIP-3/4 TAB3/4---17.37.3724.1350001000
PIP-7/8 TAB7/8---20.247.3729.2150001000
PIP-1 5/81-5/8---38.7411.6851.562000400
PIP-1 7/81-7/8 ---45.0912.757.911500300
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