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EZC Series

LPDE non threaded caps for NPT fittings

Designed to cap NPT fittings, but can be used to protect a variety of items. A heavy-duty, tapered, multi-use cap with a flange for easy insertion and removal.

MaterialLow Density Polyethylene
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SizeTo Cap NPT SizeABCDCarton QtyMini Pak Qty
EZC 21/89.229.789.315.0975001500
EZC 41/412.5213.2810.6418.644000800
EZC 63/814.8616.8115.8822.6350001000
EZC 81/218.4221.7414.86272500500
EZC 123/425.1526.4217.5331.751500300
EZC 16131.9333.1517.4838.511000200
EZC 241-1/246.7948.2119.1353.57500100
EZC 2649.8350.0932.6457.15250
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