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BSP Series

Polypropylene threaded BSP plugs

BSP plugs provide positive protective sealing on ports threaded for British Standard Pipe fittings. A unique flange compression seal prevents leakage of residual fluid. Designed for easy finger installation, a 12-point head enables socket or spanner tightening for a positive seal.

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SizeTo Fit Thread SizeABC12-Point Socket Size DCarton QtyMini Pak Qty
BSP-1/4G 1/49.148.3818.491150001000
BSP-3/8G 3/89.148.3822.51144000800
BSP-1/2G 1/210.9211.1826.49182000400
BSP-3/4G 3/410.9211.1833.78242000400
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